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Green Home Buyers: Using Construction Products in Energy Star® Qualified Homes

          Construction Products Technical Bulletin


Green Home Buyers: Using Construction Products from Paisley Protectives
in Energy Star® Qualified Homes


Homebuilders and homebuyer across the continent are increasingly interested in green building. What exactly make a home green?

Green building means improving the way the home and homebuilding sites use energy, water and materials to reduce impacts on human health and the environment. Building a green home means making environmentally-preferable and sustainable decisions at every step of the design and construction process – decisions that will minimize the environmental impact of the home and while it is being built and over its lifetime.

There are many green home labeling programs available. Although there are some differences between these programs, some common elements are:

  • Energy-efficient construction techniques and products
  • Improved indoor environments through environmentally-preferable materials and building practices
  • Water-efficient products and processes
  • Renewable energy options, where feasible
  • Waste reduction and recycling during the construction process
  • Smart growth and sustainable land development practices

What should homebuyers look for first in a green home?

Energy efficiency is the place to start. Energy used in homes often comes from the burning of fossil fuels at power plants and/or in the home heating system. This contributes to smog, acid rain and risks of global climate change. So, the less energy that is used, the less air pollution is generated. The easy way to make sure that a new home is energy efficient is to look for the blue ENERGY STAR® mark, the U.S. Government-backed symbol for energy efficiency. 

ENERGY STAR® qualified homes are independently verified to meet strict guidelines for energy efficiency set by the US. Environmental Protection Agency. These homes save money on utility bills, provide a more comfortable living environment with better indoor air quality, and help protect the environment. 

Two key features to look for ENERGY STAR® qualified homes include:

  • An Efficient Home Envelope, with comprehensive air barrier details;
  • Efficient Air Distribution, where ducts are installed with minimum air leakage.

Paisley Protectives is proud to offer quality; competitively-priced products that help achieve these two key objectives:

  • The combination of Xmark Housewrap and our Contractor Sheathing Tape offers air-barrier performance that surpasses any other products available in the residential construction market.

What comes after energy efficiency?

Homebuyers can also look for the ENERGY STAR® Indoor Air Package label – a new specification developed by the EPA to address the indoor environment component of green building. Homes that achieve this level of excellence are first qualified as ENERGY STAR® and then also incorporate more than 60 additional home design and construction features to control mold, moisture, chemical exposure, radon, pests, ventilation and filtration.

The ENERGY STAR® Indoor Air Package Specification contain prescribed practices designed to improve Indoor Air quality in new homes. Paisley Protectives is proud to offer quality, competitively-priced products to be used in these applications as described below:

Paisley Protectives Recommendation: The combination of Xmark Housewrap and our Contractors  Sheathing Tape offers water resistance that surpasses any other products available in the residential construction market.


Building and construction products from Paisley Protectives can be important components in an
ENERGY STAR® qualified home.  Our products assure consumers that their home included high-quality, energy-efficient materials for greater cost-savings and long-term home value.

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